"All I can say is a Million thank you's. My wedding day was truly the most wonderful and magical day of my life."

- Nikita Buckenham

Experience one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Johannesburg

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Why choose Valverde as your country wedding venue?
Here are just some of the reasons why couples love our affordable and unique wedding venue! Excellent photo opportunities throughout the year AND Indoor studio. FREE reshoot in case of rain - we will sponsor your make-up and photography. SA’s ONLY unconditional money back guarantee for a whole month to check it out! A FREE FOOD TASTING experience for the bride and groom. NO HIDDEN COSTS. All venue and menu prices quoted remain the same, and if the food price goes up, WE ABSORB THE COST. Pay upfront and save or use our easy payment plan over 6 months to help you budget. Winner of TripAdvisor Certificate of Service Excellence and consistently ranked among the top 15 hotels and wedding venues in Johannesburg based on customer feedback on the world’s largest travel website.
Beautiful photo album guaranteed – free reshoot if it rains
Our affordable wedding venues offer a one-stop shop for everything you need

Our affordable venue hire includes draping and fairy lights to transform the space into a fairy tale. Menu prices that include overlays, tiebacks, base plates, chair covers, waitrons and bar service. FREE table mock setup to ensure your décor is perfect. Use our recommended florist or your own. Our on-site health and beauty spa specializes in bridal make-up, French tips, eyelash extensions and bachelorette parties. Sour dedicated staff offers step by step assistance in planning your wedding to make sure you don’t leave anything out. We also have a professional baker on site, so you don’t have to stress about your CAKE getting damaged in transit. We also offer accommodation in our 25 well-appointed guest rooms with PREFERENTIAL RATES for your wedding guests if they book EARLY.

Every detail to perfection
Garden ceremony or chapel for a picture perfect wedding ceremony
Whether you prefer a chapel under a roof or an outdoor ceremony, we’ve got you covered! Choose from 2 beautiful chapels or get married in the sun and have a breeze catch your veil in the beautiful backdrop or our Renaissance garden. Relax – the chapel will be reserved for you in case the weather doesn’t play along. Give the garden a go and avoid spending money on flowers. The gardens are designed to look nice all year round with plenty of colours and blooms. The garden is big enough for up to 500 guests seated outdoors… Prefer to play it safe? Book it for the chapel and know exactly what everything is going to look like, regardless of the weather…
When would you like to have your perfect day
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Imagine your perfect wedding day at our country wedding venue near Johannesburg
You arrive on your wedding day, together with your wedding party, and are welcomed by the team and escorted into Valverde’s spacious bridal suite. This is where beauty happens. The make-up artist and hairdresser will make you look your absolute best.

The photographer will record each step of the way and the details of your bouquet, dress, shoes and garter. It’s almost time for you to walk down the aisle. The DJ plays your song. You’ve had a rehearsal at Valverde, so you and the wedding party know exactly where to go.

The man of your life is waiting for you in the beautiful open chapel or in the Renaissance garden. There ceremony begins... You say your vows, exchange rings, sign the register. As you walk out on the red carpet, guests throw petals at you. You pose under the arch for a brief moment, before you take the time to greet everyone individually.
every moment just as you dreamed
The photographer takes you into Valverde’s various garden areas. There is a Provence lavender field, the renaissance garden, the pillars, fountains, small waterfall, the dam with the jetty, several decks, balconies, staircases, arches, and even an indoor studio for a photo shoot in case it rains! The gardens have been designed with the change of season in mind and look attractive all year round.

In the meanwhile, the guests can enjoy fancy canapes, snacks and drinks in a breathtaking setting. After the photo shoot, the guests will be seated, waiting for your grand entrance. The décor is exactly what you had planned, since you had a mock setup done several months before. The look and feel of the reception venue and décor is just breathtaking. You sit down at the main table with the beautiful backdrop, and there will be toasts, speeches, and plenty of great food. You already know it’s delicious, because you’ve had a food tasting

After dessert, garter and bouquet, there is only one thing left to do: party, party, party! And this party is over only when you decide that it’s now time to retreat into the romantic bridal suite.
Our unique ceremony and wedding reception venues
Jasmine Chapel
The Jasmine Chapel overlooks the Elandsdrift Valley and the Renaissance Garden.
Kings Hall
The Kings Hall seats up to 150 guests, with a spacious raised dance floor, fire place and a separate buffet area.
Vista Chapel
The Vista Chapel is furnished with banquet chairs, a wooden cross and an arch at the entrance.
Olive Lapa
The Olive Lapa seats up to 250 guests. and is decorated with fairy lights and lanterns.
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Looking for a different type of wedding?
Morning weddings at our beautiful garden wedding venues
A morning wedding is a great idea if you really aren’t keen on dancing. It’s also great if you want to leave for honeymoon that afternoon. It normally saves costs, since venue hire and menu prices are lower for breakfast and brunch. Also, minimum numbers are generally lower in the morning, and most venues can accommodate really small wedding parties on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

On the downside, your reception program will be shorter, since there is no dancing. This means you also save on a DJ. Most venues will have a cut off time around 2pm, but this is normally more than enough if you are having breakfast/brunch at around 11 or 11.30, with the ceremony starting at 9.30 or 10.

At Valverde, we’ve even had a sunrise wedding on a beautiful December morning at 5.30am! It might be a great idea to sleep over in our well-appointed accommodation the night before the wedding. That way, preparations in the bridal suite can start as early as you like.

Cocktail Type Reception
This informal style is perfect if you want your guests to mingle, without a rigid seating arrangement. It’s a good idea, however, to provide some seating for elderly guests. And remember those ladies in high heels! Remember to specify in the invite that the reception will be a cocktail, and to mention if it is outdoors. Making sure the guests know that a full meal will not be served is one of the most important points. Ensure there is enough variety in your menu, and enough quantity. Be careful of the liquor cost if you are running an open bar. Fancy cocktails and guests’s ability to drink on a Friday may push up your liquor costs!

A cocktail reception is normally shorter (the total time you spend with your guests will be less). If you are using an outdoor area to serve the cocktails, you may not have a dance floor. You could save on the DJ and use a PA system for background music. If it rains, you need to have an alternative indoor area available. Think about whether you want to do the bouquet and garter, and where you will do it.

A cocktail reception is a great idea for a Friday night. You could take pictures earlier (bride only, or bride and groom, or bride and bridal party), in the afternoon light, and have your guests arrive at around 6 or 7pm for a romantic reception in the garden with fairy lights. Or you could start at around 4 and enjoy the sunset and a beautiful evening with your guests.
Garden Ceremony
If you’ve always dreamed about getting married in a beautiful garden, this is the option for you! Our Renaissance garden lends itself to a setting that is a little more casual than a church wedding, and far more beautiful. In addition, you will be able to get married in the sun, have the breeze catch your veil for some great photos, and even get married barefoot on the grass if you want!

Because of the beauty of the setting, you will not need to add any floral decorations to the site, unless you want to. The garden will provide a perfect backdrop for your wedding, with its arches, pillars and fountains, and with both greenery and colour in the flowers throughout the seasons.

Because of the informal setting, your guests will feel more relaxed, and they are more likely to mingle with one another and let themselves be a little looser. Of course, if it rains, we need a plan B! When you book your ceremony in the garden, we automatically book the chapel for you as a backup plan in case of bad weather. And remember, there is an indoor photo studio for pictures, too! The reception after the ceremony can be either in the King’s Hall or in the Olive Lapa, depending on your preference and on how many guests are attending.
Ceremony Only
If you don’t want a costly reception at all, how about just gathering a few friends and family and have a really beautiful ceremony followed by a few drinks? Depending on your preferences and on how many guests you are inviting (remember, you need at least 2 witnesses!), we will recommend the Jasmine Chapel, the Vista Chapel or a Garden ceremony in the Renaissance garden.

This will look amazing on the pictures, and it will definitely beat a boring court room! After the ceremony, you can make use of the whole estate for pictures, including our indoor photo studio. So even though you are just having a ceremony, you will still have a beautiful wedding album for the years to come. Who knows, you might come back after a few years and renew your vows in style!

If there is availability, you could book a table for lunch/dinner at our a la carte restaurant, Salsa Verde. Guests could even pay for their own meals, and you could order some bubbly or any other drinks for the toasts on your tab!Maybe you choose to spend the night in the bridal suite, followed by breakfast in the room the next morning and a day at the spa!
Self-catering Wedding
Looking for a venue that offers Halaal, Kosher or traditional food from a specific country? Finding a venue that you like AND that offers the food you want could be a real challenge. Whilst we can highly customize our menus, we are not able to prepare Halaal or Kosher food on our premises. However, we will allow you to bring in an external caterer that can prepare exactly what you want. Surprise your guests with unexpected traditional food that you normally don’t find at a restaurant, and you’ll have everyone talking about your wedding for months to come!

Another option you may consider is to go for a basic menu prepared by Valverde, and you bring in some additional dishes to give the menu some traditional flair. If you choose to have the entire wedding catered for by an external caterer, the formula that works best is that we provide all the tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery, glasses, linen, chair covers, overlays and tiebacks, base plates, draping and fairy lights. We also arrange for all the staff needed to make your wedding successful.

The only thing your caterer needs to bring is the food. This means less stress and hassle for you and a smoother running of the event. We need to have 1 meeting with the caterer to run through the details of the event, and voila! you can enjoy your dream wedding.
Traditional Wedding
Our beautiful country comes with rich diverse cultures and at Valverde we recognise and celebrate this.We make provision for all our eleven vibrant and colourful traditions which often overlap and fit snugly together.Our gorgeous couples sit with us and take us through their romantic journey which is often filled with joy, laughter and heart-warming moments.

The merging of two traditions makes for a visual feast of colour and joyous celebrations and mouth-watering menus.A Xhosa bride animated to us how her betrothal journey began with “Ukutwala” where the bride to be is happily “kidnapped”. Which then led to lobola negotiations initiated by the grooms family and after the various rites had been respectfully accommodated the beautiful feasting, dancing and singing got underway.

So whether you want to go the whole nine yards right here at our lovely venue or simply want a ceremony and feast, we ensure that it’s a day never to be forgotten.
Our Service Speaks for Itself

"We got married on the 22nd of Dec 2013 at Valverde hotel, our wedding was nothing short of a fairy tale.The venue was amazing, the staff,esp Barbara and Blessing were just out of this world. The food was perfect. Our overall experience at Valverde was just too amazing, our guests still can’t stop talking about it"

- Sthembiso


"From the moment I saw the venue I was taken by its beauty and friendly helpful staff. All my requests, questions and hundreds of emails that I sent were handled with care and understanding. My wedding day was truly the most wonderful and magical day of my life, all I can say is a Million thank you’s."

- Nikita Buckenham


"We are still in awe with the GREAT service we have received from Valverda and will certainly recommend friends and family to make use of your service. Speaking to each one of you is like speaking to the same person, you all have one goal and that is to give the best service."

- Angelo & Billie Jean

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