Valverde is now a member of Heritage Environmental Management Company. Heritage is an environmental certification company specializing in the independent recognition, review and certification of environmental performance across the services sector. Go to their website for more info. Click here

If you care about the environment and would like to receive a fantastic free publication about it go to http://www.wildworldbooks.com/

Valverde is embracing the trend to go green, which seems quite apt considering Valverde literally means ‘green valley’ in Spanish and Italian. We believe that it is time for businesses to take environmental responsibility seriously!

Here are some of the measures that we have already implemented:

Grey water recycling plant. All wastewater runs through a natural filtering system, and is collected in 2 dams. It can then be used for irrigation. By doing this we are able to reduce our overall water consumption. The dams are a complete ecosystem and are stocked with fish, indigenous aquatic plants and attract frogs and a variety of birds.

Solar geysers. All the guest rooms and the kitchen use water that is heated almost entirely by the power of our strong South African sun!

Recycling of kitchen waste to make own compost. We reduce the waste output and at the same time enhance the appearance of the garden and improve the quality of the soil on our property.

Plant a Tree Project


Recycling of paper, glass and cans. These items are brought to recycling plants to further reduce our waste output

Water saving devices such as low-flow showerheads and toilet flush diverters

Supporting of local and organic farming. Whenever possible, we buy our fresh produce from local farmers and give preference to those using organic farming methods

Eco-friendly chemicals from washing powder and cleaning products to guests’ amenities.

Worm Farms and Bokashi Composters to recycle organic kitchen waste into compost and worm tea

Energy Efficient Lighting installed on all outside areas. All flood and security lights replaced with energy efficient bulbs

Next on the list. Energy efficient lighting in the rooms and function halls, Biogas for staff quarters, Organic Vegetable farm.

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